The Art of Living Perfectly Imperfect Lives


Welcome to the world of "Beatitude Code: The Art of Living Perfectly Imperfect Lives" – a groundbreaking exploration that transcends conventional understanding of the Beatitudes. This book offers a fresh, profound perspective that is unique and indispensable for anyone seeking to be authentically themselves.  

"Beatitude Code" isn't just another book on the Beatitudes; it's a transformative journey that redefines how we approach life’s challenges and joys. J. Steve Bruner masterfully intertwines ancient wisdom with contemporary relevance, making this book a must-read for those who yearn to live authentically. As the book says, "You are exactly where you are supposed to be because that is where you are." 

Physical, moral, and spiritual absolutes define the cosmos and our existence.  When you learn to tap into these divine resources, set to the cadence of truth, J. Steve Bruner calls prophetic rhythms, you will find yourself liberated, ready to fill your sails with the winds of purpose, meaning, and excitement. Jesus said, "The truth will set you free." Our community embraces the interconnectedness of all things with love, faith, and hope - without judgment.


About the author

J. Steve Bruner

 J. Steve Bruner is an insightful author and philosopher known for his thought-provoking works that delve into the intersection of spirituality, philosophy, and everyday living. His latest book, "Beatitude Code: The Art of Living Perfectly Imperfect Lives," is a testament to his ability to weave complex theological and philosophical ideas into accessible and practical guidance for modern readers. Steve is also the creator of a Substack blog "The Beatitude Chronicles , where he shares esoteric, creative, and intellectual essays that expand on the themes explored in his book. With a deep-rooted faith and a commitment to exploring the transformative power of the Beatitudes, Steve's writing invites readers to view their lives as a divine masterpiece, encouraging them to embrace simplicity, stillness, and the beauty of imperfection. Through his work, Steve emphasizes that while we experience "one baptism," the transformative journey of a Christian unfolds continuously within the prophetic rhythms of the Beatitudes, shaping our lives every day and in every moment.   This journey is uniquely personal for each individual, and that's precisely what Steve highlights as the value of using the Beatitudes as a compass to find your way.


As a young man, I had an epiphany that one day, I would write a book. This dream stayed with me through the years. Like many of you, I was busy raising a family, pursuing education, paying bills, and striving for a good life. Along the way, I faced financial setbacks, business failures, job losses, depression, the loss of friends and family, and even a near-fatal accident.  My career has been diverse. I've been a senior VP for a Fortune 100 company with over 20 years as a senior executive in the computer industry, Director of Social Work for the Masonic Children's Home, entrepreneur, mentor, Stephens Minster, and Enneagream Coach.  Life has thrown me some curve balls I couldn't hit, but I've also hit a few homeruns by the Grace of God.     

  • I am blessed with a beautiful wife, an amazing pianist and the love of my life, a son and daughter happily married to incredible partners, and seven wonderful grandchildren. Now, living on top of a mountain, I am fulfilling a lifelong dream. Throughout my life, the challenges I faced tested my resolve and beliefs, but they also led me to profound understanding and peace. By learning to live in the propthetic rhythms of God's Grace and Truth my life is full of purpose, faith, hope, and love.  I've learn to be teachable, learning every day who God created me to be.     

  • The Beatitudes provided me with the intellectual and spiritual freedom to become who God created me to be.  Embarking on this journey is not just a choice, it's an essential step towards a more fulfilling life. Together, let's explore the profound wisdom and transformative principles in my book. By reading "Beatitude Code," you'll not only gain insights but also experience joy and growth in ways you might have never imagined. This journey promises to be rewarding, helping you to discover and fulfill your true purpose. Let's connect, share our experiences, and support each other as we navigate this path. Join me, and let's transform our lives together.               J. Steve Bruner


To Know Yourself is to Know God


There are days when the fabric that separates the earth from the heavens wears remarkably thin, almost transparent in its delicacy. On such days, Yahweh’s boundless grace and sovereignty unfurl across the human expanse, a celestial revelation pointing humanity to the enlightenment of their salvation. Today, marked by the cosmos, was such a day.  


We do not seize the things of God we recieve them

The Beatitudes are the teachings of Jesus in a grain of sand. These teachings of Jesus hold the keys to understanding the Divine rhythms that pulse through Scripture, history, and the cosmos. They act as a mirror, reflecting our true selves created in “the image of God” (Gen. 1:26-27).

There are two days a year we cannot do anything about, yesterday & tomorrow


 Embarking on the mystical journey through the Beatitudes, we discover a profound revelation: Imperfection paradoxically serves as a gateway to perfection. 

God's love is a school of fire

Mistakes and past experiences serve as lessons rather than anchors.  Our humanity propels us toward a future where we can reflect God’s love in the world.